The Woman in Gold

Remade with Light

Odélie from Gold to Rust

Woman with Cello

Sitting for Egon Schiele

Portrait of Rohé, Måuri Goddess

Rohé is the Goddess of the spirit world and wife of Maui. She rules the lowest level of the underworld. She was said to be very beautiful, and refused Maui's demand that they swap faces. Maui cast a spell and swapped their faces. In anger she left him and refused to live any longer in the world of light. She went to the underworld, and became a goddess of the night spirit world.

Reclining Woman

Sacred Spring (Ver Sacrum)

"Ver Sacrum" was the title of a publication published by The Vienna Secessionists, which was an art movement formed in 1897 by a group of Austrian artists who had resigned from the Association of Austrian Artists. This movement included painters, sculptors, and architects and was founded by

Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele.

The Golden Storm

Inspired by the Leonard Cohen lyric:

"Your head upon the pillow, like a sleepy golden storm."

Elle, as she was...

The Woman in Gold- Framed for exhibition


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