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WanRong: The Last Empress of China EXHIBITION

Fo Guang Yuan Art Gallery
International Buddhist Centre, New Zealand


Lisa Powers re-created a 'photographic history' of Empress WanRong after learning of her short, tragic life...
to give WanRong the recognition she never received in life.

Empress with Imperial Chairs.jpg

WanRong Child-Bride

of Emperor PuYi

Empress WanRong

in Manchuria

Historical Photos of WanRong: The Last Empress of China 

WanRong- Child Bride_edited_edited.jpg

WanRong, child bride
of Emperor PuYi

WanRong- Formal Attire.jpg

WanRong in formal attire
in The Forbidden City

WanRong-Puppet Empress.jpg

WanRong, puppet Empress
of Japanese Manchukuo

WanRong- Before Capture.jpg

WanRong in 1945 just before 
her capture and imprisonment.

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